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Educational Training Programs

Educational Training Programs

ARO is excited to partner with Educational Training Programs who are focused in the broad field of Otolaryngology and related areas. If you are interested in highlighting your program with us, please email the Executive Office at and include any materials you wish to have highlighted.  

Harvard PhD Program in Speech and Hearing

An Interdisciplinary Program in Hearing and Communication Neuroscience at USC

An Interdisciplinary Program in Hearing and Communication Neuroscience at USC: Hearing & Communication Neuroscience (HCN) is a graduate and post-graduate training program at the University of Southern California. The program includes faculty from multiple departments spanning the Keck School of Medicine, the Viterbi School of Engineering, and the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Cutting-edge research programs investigating mechanisms of audition and vocal communication are located in the Departments of Otolaryngology, Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Physiology & Biophysics, Neurobiology, Linguistics, Psychology, and Biomedical Engineering. Our goal is to bring together scientists working in diverse areas of hearing and communication neuroscience to provide outstanding training opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. Our program is supported by an NIH training grant from the National Institute of Deafness & Communication Disorders.

For more information on this program, please visit or 

Hearing Research Group at NEOMED

Hearing disorders of many types begin in the inner ear, but they have long-term effects in the brain. The Hearing Research Group at NEOMED is interested in how the central nervous system functions in association with hearing and vocal communication, how it is affected by hearing disorders, and how interventions of the peripheral and central nervous systems may ameliorate hearing disorders. To read more about training opportunities and research in the Hearing Research Group at NEOMED, CLICK HERE.

Hear from the Director of the Hearing Research Group at NEOMED, Dr. Merri Rosen- VIDEO HERE.

Additional details about the program and research can be found HERE.