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Welcome to ARO


The ARO is the world’s largest organization of hearing and balance researchers.

Members of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology include scientists, engineers and physicians who seek to:
  • Understand how the ear and the brain process sound and control balance
  • Determine the causes of diseases and disorders of these sensory systems
  • Devise new surgical, technological or biological treatments to improve patients’ lives
With its home base in the United States, the ARO has 2200 members located in universities, medical centers, research institutes and biotech industries throughout the world.

Why Join ARO?

The ARO promotes sharing of scientific knowledge and expertise, and offers networking and career advancement opportunities, through its annual meeting.


Midwinter Meeting 2021

Next year’s Mid-Winter Meeting in Orlando, FL promises to be packed with great science and special events.  Students and postdocs can apply for travel grants.


February 20-24, 2021