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The ARO Accommodations & Accessibility Committee has been hard at work collecting resources to be used in and outside of ARO to further ARO's committee to diversity, equity and inclusion. Below you will find Resources and ARO content containing an archive of helpful articles, coffee hour sessions, guides to best practices, and more!

DMA Hosted Coffee Hour: Equity, Inclusion and Accommodation for Researchers With Disabilities

DMA Hosted Coffee Hour: Equity, Inclusion and Accommodation for Researchers With Disabilities

The ARO Diversity and Minority Affairs committee hosted a coffee hour in conjunction with the ARO Accommodations Committee.

This session was a panel format with the following speakers:

  • Dr. Lina Reiss
  • Dr. Ray Goldsworthy
  • Dr. Julia Huyck
  • Dr. Brad Buran

Poster and Oral Presentation Design Best Practices For Vision and Hearing Accessibility

For tips with visuals, here is a downloadable presentation- Downloadable PowerPoint Presentation

Tip 1:   Be redundant in how you present information

  • Visualize audio stimuli
  • Use essential labels or text to understand the figure without having to rely 100% on what you’re saying
  • Use different line textures or shapes for each condition/group

Tip 2:   Slow down and pause after important points 

  • Allows time to process what you are saying
  • Allows for automatic captioning time to align with what you’re saying

Tip 3:   Choose your color palettes carefully 

  • Be aware of color combinations that are hard for some to distinguish
  • Check your presentation and palette color choices using the online tools provided here



Tip 4:   Incorporate high contrast elements

  • Increase contrast using color
  • Increasing contrast by adding white borders around data points / shapes

Tip 5:   Increase clarity of text and data 

  • Aim for larger text and data points
  • Use distinctive shapes for group/condition comparisons
  • Use sans serif font (e.g., Arial, Helvetica)


Use the following tools to further improve colorblind and other vision accessibility.

Great online resources for visualization and accessibility:


Poster, Slides, and Audio Transcript Templates created by the ARO Accessibility & Accommodations Committee

ARO Poster Template PPT File - Click here

ARO  Poster Template PDF File - Click here

ARO Poster Audio Transcript Word File - Click here

ARO Slide Template PPT File - Click here