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About spARO

The student, postdoc, resident and fellow chapter of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) is an inclusive group for any trainee participating in ARO-related activities. Our goal is to help trainees learn the ropes of a professional career in speech and hearing-related sciences. Trainees are anyone currently or within 7 years of schooling.

spARO is run by a Steering Committee, elected annually at the ARO MidWinter Meeting.  One, ex-officio, member of the Steering Committee serves a second year, and acts as a non-voting representative on the ARO Council.  In addition, spARO provides representatives to each ARO Committee that meets at the MidWinter Meeting. 

spARO organizes and hosts several workshops at the ARO MidWinter Meeting. The organizers work year-round to curate great sessions and get together to celebrate at the meetings!

sparo steering committee

Chair Elect: Warren Bakay
Exiting Chair: Kevin Booth
Faculty Mentor: Lavinia Sheets

Ongoing Initiative Representatives:
Social Media: Sumana Ghosh
Mentoring Sessions: Jarnail Singh, Warren Bakay, Kate Hawbaker and Justine
Mentorship Program: Audrey Drotos, Ansley Kunnath, Chenggang Chen, and Lucas Vattino
JARO Research News: Kali Burke, Stella Yang and Federica Maddelena Raciti
Education Committee:  Kirupa Suthakar, Sumana Ghosh, Tong Shan, Cathy Sung, and Jason

ARO Committee Representatives:
Accommodations Committee: Kelsey Anbuhl and Samantha Davis
Long Range Planning: Ben Richardson and Seba Ausili
Diversity and Minority Affairs: Samantha O'Connell and Matheus
Membership: Alejandro Garcia and Sandra 
Program: George Ordiway
Travel Award: Sian Kitcher
External Relations: Calvin Kersbergen and Anjali Sinha

Midwinter Meeting Event Representatives:
Science Communication Workshop: Dana Boebinger and Braulio Peguero
Young Investigator Luncheon: Braulio Peguero and Matsya Thulasiram
spARO Social: Parthenon Management Group

Annual Reports

Call for Writers: JARO Research News

spARO is looking for writers for our new section spARO research news highlights. Articles authored by spARO members are ~400 words viewpoints/summaries of JARO articles. The viewpoints are published on the JARO and ARO websites, see below:

This is a great opportunity to hone your writing skills. As you write, you will be paired with an experienced editor for feedback on your article. It is also a fantastic chance to contribute to science and a useful data-point for your CV.

If you are interested in writing please provide your name, email address, and details of the JARO article you would like to review using the below form and you will be contacted soon.