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Cast your vote for the best image in the 2023 External Relations Committee photo contest at the 2023 MidWinter Meeting! Review the images below and vote HERE!

Image #1

Description: Auditory Neurons of the Mouse Cochlea

Image #2

Description: Vasculature in the Developing Cochlea

Image #3

Decsription: Hearing Sensors

Image #4

Description: Otoconia in the Human Saccule

Image #5

Description: Outer Hair Cells from a Mouse Cochlea

Image #6

Description: Super-Resolution Fluorescence Image of the Live Auditory Sensory Epithelium of the Embryonic Gallus

Image #7

Description: 55-Day Old Inner Ear Organoid

Image #8

Descritpion: Cleared Whole Rat Temporal Bone

Image #9

Description: Dorsal branch of the posterior lateral line in a larval zebrafish

Image #10

Description: All-Atom Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Prestin