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What is the Speaker’s Bureau?

The Speaker’s Bureau offers ARO members the opportunity to join a cadre of other volunteers with specialized knowledge and areas of expertise who are willing to inform and interact with the public about research topics in the field of hearing science and otolaryngology. 

ARO members who participate in the Speaker’s Bureau will be contacted on an as-needed basis to participate in public outreach events with the intent to share a specific area of knowledge that is relevant to the interested institution. For example, your local Museum of Science could reach out with a request to share your research area with attendees of that Museum, interacting with the members of the public to answer their questions about your research. 

Why should I participate?

Scientific communication is one of several critical functions of a scientist. Participating in the ARO Speaker’s Bureau allows you to participate in science communication efforts in specific, tangible ways by partnering with an institution of interest to connect with members of the public. We encourage connections that allow our ARO membership to introduce their scientific area of interest and invite questions from the public to directly engage with these interested parties, which ultimately reduces the barriers to science. 

Participating in a science communication program can also be helpful for grant writing to ensure you can articulate the needs your research addresses, answering the general question “Why do you pursue these research questions?”. The process of connecting with members of the public with a personal interest in these topics is not only invigorating but can also help ensure your next grant proposal is particularly inspired!

How do I participate?

Volunteering to participate in the ARO Speaker's Bureau is easy. Simply fill out the form linked below and let us know your area of expertise and include a headshot and short bio. You may also include pre-recorded talks (optional).  Once a booking request is received, a representative from ARO will reach out via email with the next steps and connect you with the requesting party.


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