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Postdoctoral Fellowship – University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

We are excited to invite applicants for a postdoctoral fellowship focused on the peripheral section of a larger NIH/NIDCD-funded multi-center cochlear implant project at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. The Cochlear Implant Electrophysiology laboratory is currently focused on evaluating the interface between the prosthetic device and biological system and assessing the status and function of the sensory cells and spiral ganglion using both acoustic and electric stimulation. Some of the primary techniques include electrode impedance, electrocochleography and electrically evoked compound action potential measurements.

The postdoctoral scholar will collaborate closely with the clinician-scientists who comprise our Neurotology team. The in-house pioneering work emerging from their labs have and continue to lay foundations for many human trials. We are engaged in projects that utilize robotics and pharmacological interventions designed to improve hearing preservation following cochlear implantation. We also collaborate with our renowned genetics team as we aim to define physiological phenotypes for a variety of genotypes.

Please feel free to email Rachel Scheperle with interest or questions.

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